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Reports: Nintendo 3DS sold out in Japan

Several publications report that consumers have already snatched up 400,000 3DS units, selling out in Japan since Saturday's launch.

Nintendo's 3DS Nintendo

Numerous reports coming out of Japan claim the Nintendo 3DS has sold out in that country.

According to the reports, 400,000 Nintendo 3DS units were sold since the device's launch on Saturday. A sell-out was expected. Most retail outlets in Japan sold out of their preorders prior to the launch of the portable-gaming device and were already taking orders for the next shipment.

The Nintendo 3DS will be one of the more interesting launches this year, thanks to its unique feature-set. The platform, which went on sale in Japan for 25,000 yen (about $300), allows gamers to play 3D titles without the need for special glasses. It comes with two screens and boasts an accelerometer and gyroscope to give developers a few more options for their video games.

In Japan, 400,000 units sold is just the beginning for Nintendo. The company said last year that it expects to sell 1.5 million 3DS units in Japan alone by the end of March. The European launch is set for March 25. The U.S. launch is scheduled for March 27 with a $249 price tag for the device.

With the Japanese, European, and U.S. launches combined, Nintendo expects to sell 4 million 3DS units by the end of March.

The company confirmed recently that on U.S. launch day, the 3DS will be flanked by 18 games. Nintendo plans to have 30 titles available by early June.

Nintendo did not immediately respond to CNET's request for confirmation of the 3DS sell-out.