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Reports: LG delays Android tablet

LG has decided against offering the tablet, which would have used Android 2.2, until a better version of Google's operating system arrives, reports claim.

LG has decided to ditch its plans for a tablet until Google delivers a better version of its Android operating system, news services are reporting.

Citing an unnamed LG official, Reuters reported Monday that LG will hold off on releasing its tablet until the "most reliable Android version" is made available for the tablet. The person said that Android 2.2, code-named "Froyo," is not "the most suitable version for our tablet."

Bloomberg--also citing an unnamed LG official--said that the company's hardware is complete and that it's now just waiting on software to suit it. That software is likely to be Android 3.0, which is scheduled to launch next year.

An LG decision to hold off on releasing its tablet would be somewhat of a black eye for the electronics maker. In August, Chang Ma, LG's vice president of marketing, had boasted that LG's "tablet will be better than the iPad" when it comes out at year's end.

If LG has actually chosen to wait for the next version of Android, Google would likely second the decision.

Last month, Google's director of mobile products, Hugo Barra, told U.K. publication TechRadar that "Froyo is not optimized" for tablets.

"If you want Android Market on that platform, the apps just wouldn't run," Barra had said. Froyo "is just not designed for that form factor."