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Reporters' Roundtable: The Internet vs. Hollywood

Independents' Day: Hollywood is focusing on blockbusters to the exclusion of all other movies and content, but Roundtable guests Greg Sandoval of CNET and Steven Gaydos of Variety believe that the independent producers will have their day in the sun...on the Internet.

Today: The movie and TV industries vs. the Internet! Who will win--Studios, Internet companies, consumers, manufacturers, or some combination?

The entire entertainment industry is, of course, in the middle of shedding its skin. The old ways of distributing and charging for entertainment content are being changed by the Web. Theoretically, entertainment can now follow us anywhere, from screen to screen, without costing us a dime. And some content is. But most Hollywood content is not, at least not yet. With "over the top" content boxes from the likes of Apple, Google, Roku, Boxee, and Tivo all giving us easy access to this content--and with content aggregation plays like Hulu and Netflix doing the back-end work to bring it to those boxes--the old TV and movie economics are increasingly challenged.

That's what we're talking about today, with two great guests. First, representing CNET's tech-first view of content indsutries, our own Greg Sandoval, author of the Media Maverick blog.

And joining us from the heart of the entertainment industry, Hollywood, we have Steven Gaydos, the executive editor of Variety and one of the foremost experts at understanding the changes in the entertainment industries.

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Show notes and talking points

Note to the listener: There's an important theme running through this episode--the re-emergence of the independent film--that is not reflected in these talking points, which were prepared in advance.

Will the Internet kill the movie theater?

Related: I thought DRM was on the way out.

Discuss the Disney and Warner $30 streaming deal and the shrinking of movie release window.

Is the $30 price, too high?

What technologies or laws make this possible now?

Effect of 3D on the movie industry?

Explain Hulu--What is it, who's involved, what's the threat?

Talk about "over-the-top" boxes--Logitech/Google, Apple, Roku, Boxee.

Blockbuster: The canary in the coal mine for traditional TV distribution?

Talk about emergence of "straight to the Web" content.

Watch my Twitter account (@Rafe) for updates on next week's show. Of, if you have an idea for a topic you'd like to see covered, e-mail it to me.

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