Reporters' Roundtable: The Apple TV is a big fat deal

The new Apple TV is at the forefront of Apple's push to control the living room. We discuss the market with CNET Reviews editors John Falcone and Matthew Moskovciak.

Of the two products Apple launched this week, I think the more important was the Apple TV update. Because it's in the living room where Apple has the more interesting battle going on. This "hobby" of a product is still imperfect, but it's making major waves with consumer electronics companies, content producers, and cable firms. Why? Because with an Apple TV (or a competing product, like a Roku), you can bypass the old-line media economy.

Or can you? We're discussing today how Apple is trying to rewrite the living room entertainment experience. We have two great guests on the show:

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Discussion points
How good is the new Apple TV (see Matthew's review)?

Comare Apple TV to other competitors: Roku, Boxee, and the game consoles. (See: Apple TV vs Roku.)

How important a product?

Does Apple need a full-on TV? Do consumers want it?

Airplay: What's the big deal?

How about live content on the Apple TV?

Why can't the TV manufacturers get this right?

What's the role of the studio? (See: Get your Neflix through Apple.)

Where are the apps?

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