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Reporters' Roundtable: Sit up straight! Exercise more!

Two startups on the edge of the "Quantified Self" movement give you feedback on how you walk, move, stand, and sit to make you a more self-aware and healthier person.

On today's show we're covering an emerging tech trend: The Quantified Self movement, or the collection of data streams about what we do, how we feel, how we move, and so on. Why? That's one of the big questions. The best answer is probably: to live better lives. And today we're talking with two entrepreneurs who are working on a subset of the quantified self movement: body monitoring. Both their companies have the goal of making us more aware of ourselves. Using that knowledge, hopefully, we can live more healthy lives.

Our guests are Monisha Perkash, CEO of Lumoback, which I covered this week from the Demo conference, and Jef Holove of Basis, which I wrote up in July.

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Discussion points
A brief history of body monitoring first. Pedometers, Fitbit, etc.

Discuss the Quantified Self and how these products relate.

Pitch time! What problems are you trying to solve? How?

Other products - Nike, Garmin, Polar, various iphone apps.

What about privacy of the data?

What happens when my insurance company gets a feed of my activity level?

Talk about psychology of self improvement.

And the social component.

How does this relate to nutrition?

What else can be tracked? What's future of these products?

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