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Reporters' Roundtable: Portable computing

Want to buy yourself a MacBook Air? Watch this show first. Today we're talking with CNET mobile computing product experts Donald Bell and Dan Ackerman about the state of the art and the near-term future of mobile computing.

And they said the laptop was dead.

This week, Apple refreshed its MacBook Air line, and in the process killed off its low-end MacBook (the white, plastic one). It's making the cake-slicer form-factor Air its new low-end portable computing product. What does this mean for computing overall? Where does the Chromebook fit in? Can Microsoft ever make a sexy laptop again, and will Intel's Ultrabook direction help?

Join CNET Reviews editors Donald Bell and Dan Ackerman as we discuss.

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Some of our discussion points

The MacBook Air: How important is it?

An exercise: Convince me not to buy an Air.

How have tablets affected the equation?

How far can the iPadification of laptops go? Will they merge? Where does the smartphone fit in?

Why couldn't Microsoft get tablets right?

Chromebook: Better than a Netbook? Worse? What's its place in the market?

Windows laptops: What's the state of the art? Does Intel's Ultrabook initiative matter? What happened to UMPC and other form factors?

What about Windows 8? What's MS doing right? Wrong?

With the Cloud being so important, why do people care so much about local storage and CPU?

App stores: What do they mean for developers, users?

What's the next big leap?

No show next week (July 29). We'll be back on August 5. Follow me on Twitter for more news on Reporters' Roundtable. E-mail with your ideas for shows!