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Reporters' Roundtable: Online advertisers see all, know all

Through the Web and mobile devices, advertisers nowadays can build rich, incisive profiles of who you are and what you want. I discuss this trend with Ad Age's Irina Slutsky and Media Survey's Sam Whitmore.

Advertising is not what it used to be. On the Internet, most ads are performance-based: advertisers pay when you click on their link. This is the opposite of most TV or print ads, where the advertiser pays just to get a brand message in front of your face.

But performance-based advertising is just the beginning of how the Internet changes the game. The big difference coming now is in targeting ads. You're now seeing ads that are custom-made to appeal to you, based on what you do online and, in many cases, who your friends are. The nature of the message is shifting, and the economics of sending the message are shifting, too.

To discuss new online advertising, our two guests are Irina Slutsky, San Francisco reporter for Ad Age; and Sam Whitmore of Media Survey, which analyzes technology media for tech companies, marketers, and PR pros.

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Show notes and talking points

Let's review: How does advertising on the Web work?

Biggest trends in online advertising?

How is behavior is tracked over the internet?

Let's talk about the FTC's do-not-track initiative.

Facebook: Does it know too much? (See also: Gravity knows what you like; soon advertisers will, too.)

Where's Twitter in the advertising world?

Talk about mobile devices, location services.

Discuss in-game advertising.