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Reporters' Roundtable live at CES 2011

Live from 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, Rafe is joined by Rob Enderle, Jim Louderback, and Harry McCracken to discuss the major tech trends and products for the coming year.

As always, the new year starts with CES, the massive Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This year, the Roundtable again hit the road, and our first episode of 2011 is a look forward to the year in tech, with three special guests: Rob Enderle, analyst of the Enderle Group; Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision3; and Harry McCracken, editor of the independent tech site Technologizer.

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Show notes and talking points

What was the big news at the show. Aside from Verizon keeping mum about their iPhone plans?

3D TV? Really, again?

Tablets and "superphones?"

Was this Android's show?

Car tech?

Discuss Intel and Nvidia chip announcements.

Which hardware vendor made the biggest impression? Samsung?

Oh yeah, we almost forgot: Microsoft.