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Reporters' Roundtable: Google vs. China (podcast)

In what may be the biggest story of the year, Google announced in January that it might pull out of China. We discuss why the company did that, what's happened since, and it's likely to unfold.

This week: Probably one of the biggest stories of the year, if not the decade: Google vs China. On January 12, the search company announced it was pulling out of China. We're going to discuss why Google did that, what's new in the Google-China story, and what's likely to happen as this story continues to unfold.

Our guests today make up the impressive CNET reporting team covering this topic, and it's quite a feat to get them together at once. Here in the studio, from the Google beat: Tom Krazit. Covering security: Elinor Mills. And connecting from Washington, D.C., via Skype, politics and policy writer Declan McCullagh.

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Reporters' Roundtable #19: Google vs. China

Show notes and talking points

It all started with...The Google blog's A new approach to China.

The issue in a nutshell & why such an important story - Tom

Nature of the attack - Elinor

Is this about human rights or industrial espionage?

Latest news?

Report: Google, NSA talk defense partnership.

What did MS, Yahoo do?

Washington's part - Declan

China government's reaction

What's happening in China now? From Reuters: "Experts on Chinese law warn that Google employees in China could also face prosecution for breaking the law."

How important is Google in China? Why not more so? How did Baidu rise to top search spot?

Effect on other Google enterprises in China - like Android.

Effect on Google in other countries, like Iran.

Ripple effect to other Web companies (Sen. Durbin on the warpath.)

Effect on IE6

Predictions / what's next (at Google, in laws, etc)

Reading: Google still thinks it can change China.

Next week:

The battle for future of the Web: HTML 5 vs Flash, with Steven Shankland, CNET & John Herrman, Gizmodo. 1pm PST Friday, Feb 12, right here. Watch my Twitter feed for updates. Send feedback to