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Reporters' Roundtable: Debating the CNET 100

Fanboy fist-fight! CNET Reviews editors Lindsey Turrentine and John Falcone join Rafe in a debate over the best, worst, and most important tech products of 2011.

Ok, kids, it's the last Roundtable of the year, so let's wrap things up by talking about CNET Reviews' big year-end extravaganza, the CNET 100.

It's a great feature with 10 great lists, like "10 disappointments," and "10 forgettables," among the usual stuff like, "The winners," and "The beautiful ones."

The big question: Why, oh why, is Apple represented so heavily in all the lists, including the bad ones?

Our roundtablers today are CNET Reviews' new editor-in-chief Lindsey Turrentine, and CNET Reviews executive editor John Falcone.

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Discussion points:
How'd the consumer tech industry do this year?

The lists worth arguing about...

The Top 10 Winners
Why so many Apple products?
And Google, too?
The wonderful new stuff, from Roku and Nest.

The Let-downs
Apple and Googe, again?
Electric cars?
3D TV (yay!)

The Beautiful Ones

The Hidden Gems
In particular that Monoprice 5.1 speaker system

Favorite products of 2011?

What are we looking forward to in 2012?