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Reporters' Roundtable: CES, where new technology fights for deals

There's more happening at CES than just big companies launching giant new product lines. Each year, startups vie for attention from consumer electronics partners and from investors who attend the show. Discussing this topic with Rafe Needleman: CNET's Paul Sloan and VC Josh Stein from DFJ.

CES is a gadget show on the surface only. Really, it's a convention of deal-makers. It's where tech manufacturers show off to distributors, who decide what to buy for stores--which means they decide what you buy.

People come to CES to get deals. Small companies come to get their products embedded in the lines of bigger companies.

That's what we're talking about in this Roundtable, which we recorded at CES 2012. With CNET Executive Editor Paul Sloan and Draper Fisher Jurvetson venture capitalist Josh Stein, we discuss the interesting new and emerging technologies from up-and-coming companies, and how they'll appear in future products.

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Discussion points:
How does the entrepreneurial economy and the large CE economy merge at CES?

Where are the startups?

Why should VCs go to CES?

Are there a lot of investors here? What are they doing?

Josh, what are you looking for?

Takeaways from this year, in key categories? (Mobile, media, the role of Microsoft vs. Google, etc.)

How should an entrepreneur tackle this show?

And more!