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Reporters' Roundtable: Bring your own computer to work

On today's show: How to sneak personal technology into your workplace. Or, put more respectably, the "Consumerization of Information Technology." Our guests: Fritz Nelson, editor at large for Byte, and Tom Gillis, VP at Cisco.

Today we're going to be talking about one of my favorite topics: how to sneak personal technology into your workplace. Or, put more respectably, the "Consumerization of Information Technology," or CoIT. Yes, there's an acronym for that.

For end users, CoIT is great. It means you can use your iPhone for company e-mail instead of the crappy 3-year-old BlackBerry the company wants to give you. But for IT managers? It can be a nightmare of security problems and support headaches. Or, if managed right, it can be a big cost saver and a giant morale booster.

Today we're talking about this topic with two experts. First, Fritz Nelson, editorial director of Information Week and editor at large at Byte on the Web. We also have an interview I did previously with Tom Gillis, vice president and general manager of Cisco's security technology group.

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Discussion points: Fritz Nelson
What happened? IT to used to be able to tell employees what tech to use. Now, not so much. Why?

What's it like in IT?

Impact of Apple?

Discuss Dropbox, the world's biggest security hole.

Say you're a consumer and you have, oh, I don't know, an HP TouchPad or something weird that you want to use for work. How can you get IT to help you set it up?

How should IT react to it?

What about the security complaint?

What should IT say no to?

What should consumers expect?

How can a worker get an IT dept to adopt a BYO strategy?

Who wins? Microsoft? Google? Apple? Web startups?

Discussion points: Tom Gillis
How does an enterprise company support the modern consumer?

Is it war out there?

Advice for IT folks? Advice for consumers/workers?

Lessons learned by "dogfooding" at Cisco?

Best devices for consumers to bring into their enterprises

Is there anything that IT can say no to?

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