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Reporters' Roundtable: 2010 in review

Let's review, shall we? WikiLeaks, Antennagate, Stuxnet. We discuss those and other top events that shaped the world of tech in 2010 with CNET Editor in Chief Scott Ard and TWiT's Tom Merritt.

This is the last Reporters' Roundtable of the year, so In keeping with our long-standing, year-old tradition, today's show is our year in review, with our traditional guests: Scott Ard, CNET editor in chief, and Tom Merritt, former CNET podcast host and now host of Tech News Today over on the TWiT network.

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Show notes and talking points

Before we get into 2010, let's review our 2009 episode. We said these were the important stories of '09. Did their importance spill over into 2010?

  • Rise of Android
  • Ubiquity of smartphones
  • Privacy issues surface
  • Windows 7 launch
  • Destruction of media businesses (music, TV, newspapers, books)

Now, on to 2010. Let's discuss these stories:

  • WikiLeaks
  • Facebook's growth, Facebook privacy issues
  • Google's privacy issues (Street View/Wi-Fi)
  • Speaking of Google: Android surpassing iPhone?
  • The iPad and its effect on tablets and Netbooks
  • Groupon, Foursquare, and mobile commerce
  • Apple tries to kill Flash
  • Stuxnet changes cybersecurity (via the Atlantic)
  • Where is Microsoft? RIM? HP's Palm?
  • Most important product?

Predictions for 2011?

  • Tom: Congressional action on Net neutrality
  • Scott: The Privacy Moment - the creepy line will be crossed
  • Rafe (un-aired): A "9/11" of security at a U.S. bank or commerce site

Best quote of the show: Scott Ard, discussing Steve Jobs, "It turns out, Willy Wonka might be a little mean."