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Reporters on a plane: JetBlue's inaugural 'e-mail flight'

The first of several updates from the 'BetaBlue' test flight, equipped with Yahoo and BlackBerry e-mail and instant messaging.


Hello from John F. Kennedy International Airport, the establishment that some say is responsible for more New Yorkers' headaches than all the bars on Macdougal Street combined!

In a few minutes I'm scheduled to hop on board the inaugural flight of "BetaBlue," the JetBlue test flight equipped with access to Yahoo and BlackBerry e-mail and instant messaging. At present, I'm in the terminal at JFK waiting for the flight--which will touch down at San Francisco International Airport about six hours later

So here are a few of the things I'm hoping to explore...

-- Will the Wi-Fi actually work, or will the infrastructure falter when several dozen enthusiastic nerds attempt to log on? JetBlue has Wi-Fi in its JFK terminal, and it's notably less stable when there are more people attempting to use it.
-- How will the fact that there are no power outlets on the plane affect the experience? That's another luxury that we have here in the terminal. Some of JetBlue's competitors, like Virgin America, already offer in-flight Wi-Fi.
-- More excitingly, will anyone try to "hack" BetaBlue's Wi-Fi to provide access to more services?
-- Will I stay awake? Planes are for sleeping!

All right, there's my boarding call...see you at 35,000 feet.