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Report: TweetDeck raising angel round

The company, which makes an app designed to manage people's Twitters, is raising an angel round of funding somewhere under $500,000, according to AllThingsD.

TweetDeck is all atwitter.

According to a report in AllThingsD, the software application maker is in the process of closing a round of angel funding, led by Betaworks.


TweetDeck is looking to land angel funding somewhere under the $500,000 mark, according to the report.

The company's desktop app, currently in public beta, splits stream of tweets into specific columns based on groups or topics.

Here is Webware's take on the app:

TweetDeck: This is yet another AIR-based Twitter client, but it has one very useful feature for the polite Twitter user: you can put a collection of people into a group and watch just what they are doing in their own pane. Even if you follow thousands of users, you could set up a group for just your closest friends, or just your nemeses, or what have you. It's a good tool for paying special attention to people.