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Report: TiVo to offer advertisers viewer demographic data

Service aimed at providing information about age, income, marital status, ethnicity, and other factors, according to news report.

U.S. digital video recorder company TiVo is offering a new service giving advertisers detailed profiles of its users, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday in its online edition.

TiVo--which sells advertisers second-by-second ratings of programs and commercials based on subscriber viewing habits--plans to announce on Thursday that it will soon add demographic data about the viewers themselves, The Journal reported.

The information includes age, income, marital status, and ethnicity, the newspaper reported.

Representatives for TiVo could not immediately be reached for comment. TiVo has just announced reduced service fees for new customers and, for existing customers who buy an additional TiVo DVR on the same account, the reintroduction of the lifetime service fee.