Report: 'Rock Band' headed for the Wii

EA's CEO discloses the move in an earnings conference call, according to Gamespot.

The Guitar Wars saga continues.

In the epic battle with Activision's Guitar Hero, Electronic Arts has reportedly disclosed that a version of arch-rival Rock Band is heading for the Wii. Gamespot reports that EA's chief executive mentioned the news in a conference call yesterday after the company posted its latest quarterly earnings. (MTV Games is the official publisher of the game, but EA distributes it.)

"In terms of pacing the next few quarters, you're probably well aware of the more than $2.5 million music downloads that have occurred on Rock Band," Gamespot quoted CEO John Riccitiello as telling analysts. "What's probably the most interesting pieces right now is the coming launch on the Wii, the continued sale of the core platforms in North America, and then the fiscal '09 launch across Europe against all of the SKU."

Timing, pricing, and other details remain unknown, but the remarks did appear to confirm rumors that had been circulating for some time.

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