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Report: New PSN design in the works

A report in The Register says Sony is trying out a new look and layout for the gaming and video service.

Sony PSN
Sony's PSN as it looks now. The service may be getting a new look, according to a report. Sony

Is Sony looking for a fresh start with its PlayStation Network?

The Register is reporting that Sony is testing out a redesigned PSN in some markets.

The report cites sources familiar with the new design who say Sony will "de-clutter" the PSN main screen in favor of "an aesthetic layout with logically marked sections and rolodex lists."

The sources say Sony is also tweaking the search function by adding a live search feature and a deals section to highlight content on sale; bringing in an "IMDB-style" movie database for movie purchases and rentals and a similar style database for games; and possibly ditching the traditional blue background for bolder color.

A Sony representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

PSN's public image has taken a beating over the last few months since the massive cyberattack in April that caused Sony to shut down the service for several weeks. Sony executives have said that since the company restarted access to the service in late May and kicked off an incentive program for returning customers, 90 percent of PSN users have come back to the service.

Still, it's not implausible that Sony wants to change up the look of PSN to reinforce the idea that everything about the service has been upgraded, not just security.