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Report: New iPod Nano out next week

Gizmodo is reporting that this time, Apple's releasing a device that will be called the iPod Touch.

Although I'm pretty sick of everything iPod, especially because I can't exactly afford to chuck my red BlackBerry Pearl out the window and pick up an iPhone, Apple is allegedly coming out with a new product--what else is new?

Is Apple about to add a new Nano? Apple

Gizmodo is reporting that this time Apple's releasing the revamped iPod Nano next week. The flash-based device is allegedly going to be called the iPod Touch. The price, according to the blog, will range from $300 for the 4GB and $400 for the 8GB.

Honestly, the new iPod Nano (if it looks anything like the projected image) is going to be cute and bubbly, but it definitely won't take the spotlight from its much sexier, sophisticated cousin, the iPhone.

However, rumor has it that a new iPhone-like-six-gen iPod (with the touch-screen interface) is set for release early next year, Gizmodo reports. We'll just have to wait and see.