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Report: Nehalem to be named Core i7

Intel will reportedly introduce the new name for its upcoming Nehalem processors on Monday.

Leaked logos: Intel's upcoming processors based on the Nehalem platform will reportedly be dubbed Core i7.

Intel has revealed some details about its next-generation processor platform, which it has developed under the code name Nehalem.

According to an article on, the processors based on Nehalem architecture will be called Core i7, and Intel will introduce the Core i7 name next Monday. The significance of the i7 moniker is lost on me. Care to posit any theories, Crave readers?

Let's quickly recap Intel's tick-tock cadence model of shrinking the size of its chips with one release followed by the introduction of new chip architecture with the next release.

Tick: The latest Core 2 Duo processors are based on the 45-nanomater Penryn core, which was a die shrink (but using the same architecture) of previous-generation 65-namometer Core 2 Duo chips. Tock: Core i7 processors will introduce new chip architecture based on the same 45nm die and are expected to be released in Q4 of this year. The next tick is expected in 2009, when Intel shrink 45nm Nehalem chips to 32nm, which is currently being developed under the code name Westmere.