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Report: LED-backlit MacBooks on the way

DigiTimes reports that Apple is preparing to update its MacBook laptops with LED-backlit displays.

I used to love her... CNET Networks Inc.

It was bound to happen--I just didn't expect it so soon. I plunked down for a MacBook on Black Friday and now, not a week after receiving it, rumors are circulating that new and improved models are on the way. DigiTimes reports today that two Taiwanese manufactures, Kenmos Technology and Taiwan Nano Electro-Optical Technology (Nano-Op), have signed on to supply Apple and Dell with LED-backlit displays. LCDs that use LED backlights instead of traditional fluorescent lamps are thinner and more energy efficient.

Here I am, still in the honeymoon phase with my MacBook--we stayed up late last night for a torrid iMovie session--and now I'm wishing she was thinner and ran longer. Yikes, this post is starting to sound a bit off color. Let us return to the story. Apple has reportedly validated Nano-Op's 13.3 LED backlit unit (BLUs), and Nano-Op has already begun shipping 12.1-inch BLUs to Dell (for an updated XPS M1210?). While this report wouldn't appear to bring about the return of a 12-inch Apple laptop that many have been pining for, a 13-inch MacBook that shed a pound or so from its 5-pound weight and come in under an inch thick would certainly be a highly (if not ultra-) portable laptop. MacBook Pros got LED backlights earlier this year; the 15-inch model delivered awesome battery life and weighs only 5.3 pounds.

Both Nano-Op and Kenmos expect an increase in their BLU shipments by the end of the year and in Q1 of next year. Sounds like the timing is just right for Steve to take the stage on January 15 with a new MacBook under this arm. Until then, I'll enjoy these next six weeks with my state-of-the-art MacBook.

[Via AppleInsider]