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Report: Joost CEO Mike Volpi a candidate for ITV job

Joost chief is said to be a candidate for top spot at Brit broadcasting network, as video site continues to be eclipsed by YouTube and Hulu.

Joost may be in for more bad news, as a report out of Great Britain says Mike Volpi, CEO of the video site, is a candidate to take over as chief executive of ITV.

Joost CEO Mike Volpi is on the short list of candidates for the chief executive job at ITV, according to a report. CNETTV

ITV is a British public service network and a BBC competitor. British newspaper The Sunday Times reported that Volpi is among a small group of candidates scheduled to be interviewed over the next two weeks.

The report comes two months after CNET News reported that Joost was shopping itself to cable companies. One of the companies that made inquiries was Time Warner. Joost, created by the founders of Skype and Kazaa, has failed to live up to its early hype and has steadily fallen behind Web video plays, such as YouTube and Hulu.

Joost representatives were not immediately available for comment.

Before joining Joost two years ago, Volpi was a senior executive at Cisco. If he is indeed a candidate, he's up against Malcolm Wall, former boss of Virgin Media's channels arm, and Guillaume de Posch, a Belgian who ran the German broadcaster Prosiebensat.1, according to the Times' report.