Report: Italy charges Google officials over taunting video

Four former and current Google charged with defamation and breach of privacy for allegedly allowing posting of video of a teen with Down syndrome being taunted, Reuters says.

Italian prosecutors reportedly filed defamation and breach of privacy charges against four former and current Google officials and set a February 3 hearing date, according to a Reuters report.

The case centers on allegations Google did not take steps to prevent a third party from posting video on its site that shows a teenager with Down syndrome being taunted by other teens.

Italian authorities were set to charge the individuals back in July. Prosecutors have since filed the charges and a hearing date for February has been set, Reuters said.

According to reports back in July, those to be charged were the former chairman of Google Italy, a former Google Italy board member, the former head of Google Video for Europe, and an executive responsible for European privacy policy.

Google representatives were not immediately available for comment.

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