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Report: Is Best Buy refusing to match prices?

HDguru.com posts a report about Best Buy (three times) refusing to match a price for an HDTV, citing a policy exemption for limited-time sales that does not exist.

Is Best Buy refusing to honor its own price-matching policy? BestBuy.com

Update March 19: Best Buy has responded with a statement, and we have posted an update.

Web site HDGuru.com has published a report describing three separate visits to Best Buy locations where salespeople refused to comply with the store's own price-matching policy.

The report goes on to provide advice to customers interested in obtaining a price match themselves. Here's the meat of the HDGuru's exchange:

When asked to match the price, salesmen at all three stores said, "no," giving the same excuse: "The advertised Panasonic was on sale for three days, and Best Buy's price-match policy exempts limited-time sales."

However, there is no "limited time" exemption in Best Buy's price-match policy. Store personnel simply made up a phony excuse or were instructed to do so by higher-ups.

The report also cites an unnamed Best Buy source who claims that the order to refuse price matches, despite going against the company's stated policy, descended from management, with the aim of increasing the chain's profit margins.

HDGuru's advice to shoppers ranges from common sense (don't make a scene) to mildly deceptive (ask if the store offers extended warranties, even if you don't want one).

We're not advocating or endorsing said advice, but if you're serious about getting a price match or have been refused, it might come in handy.

What's your take? Have you felt deceived by an electronics retailer recently, or have your experiences been good? How do you feel about pretending to want a warranty or cable to get a better price? Sound off in comments.