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Report: iPhone app crash fix coming next month

An AppleInsider reader says he received one of Steve Jobs' rare personal e-mails in response to a complaint about instability of third-party applications.

Apple has reportedly acknowledged the fact that many third-party iPhone applications have been crashing on launch, according to AppleInsider.

One of AppleInsider's readers says that after he contacted Apple about the problem, he received a response from CEO Steve Jobs himself: "This is a known iPhone bug that is being fixed in the next software update in September."

Apple representatives did not immediately have confirmation.

That was the full extent of Jobs' e-mail, AppleInsider said. While the most talked-about mobile-software problems for Apple right now are still the issues with MobileMe, crashing apps have been causing a number of complaints as well.

The most recent software update, 2.0.2, hasn't solved the issue, which iPhone owners say will load an application temporarily before it shuts down entirely and returns to the home screen.

Meanwhile, Apple's consumer satisfaction ratings have climbed, leading the PC industry for the fifth year in a row.