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Report: Hulu coming to Xbox Live at E3

More and more nongaming content is moving to our consoles, and that's a good thing.

Screenshot by Matt Hickey/CNET

Gear Live has a source (it claims has never been wrong) that says that at 2010's E3 conference, which starts on the 14th, Microsoft will announce that Hulu will be coming to the Xbox 360.

The Xbox Live platform is already a great way to watch Netflix streaming, as it's already in many living rooms plugged into many HDTVs. And the quality is exceptional. By adding Hulu, Microsoft takes another step toward eliminating the need for cable or satellite TV. For many, the ideal is to have all the content you want when you want it over the broadband Internet connection you're already paying for.

That doesn't mean it'll be free; indeed, Gear Live's source says it will be subscription based, much as Netflix's streaming service already is, starting at $8 a month. There's a supposition that the Hulu subscription will require Microsoft Points, and it would make sense to us if all the video subscription services got folded under one umbrella to be paid for quarterly, monthly, yearly, or all three.

We're hoping Hulu and Microsoft give us access to the entire Hulu catalog. We're also hoping other deals like this follow. If Live can lasso up ABC, Comedy Central, and a few others, then cable TV could really become deprecated. With the PS3 announcing a hook up with HBO last week, Google TV launching, and rumors of a new, cheaper Apple TV, we see this trend continuing.