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Report: Her Majesty may become a 'Nintendo addict'

According to a British publication (read: take it with a grain of salt) Queen Elizabeth II has become quite the fan of Prince William's Wii console.

Her Royal Highness will pwn your sorry hide! Official Royal Images Library

Here in the U.S., our head of state couldn't seem to master the Segway, but Britain's Queen Elizabeth II is apparently quite the video game diva.

The undoubtedly reputable U.K. publication The People reported earlier this week that the 81-year-old royal got a hold of a Wii console (according to a "Palace source," it belongs to her 25-year-old grandson, Prince William) and "showed all the signs of becoming a Nintendo addict."

The Queen's game of choice seems to be Wii Bowling (what, did you expect Call of Duty 3?) and the source told The People that her "hand-eye coordination was as good as somebody half her age."

Prince William, meanwhile, "was in fits of laughter," but allegedly will have a tough time prying the console away from his grandmother. She is, The People notes, an unusually tech-savvy dame. She has reportedly had a cell phone since 2001, a BlackBerry since last year, and listens to an iPod regularly. (The People reports that it contains over 100,000 songs, which means that Steve Jobs must have custom-made it for her since the 160GB version holds only 40,000 songs, tops. Hey, Brits, do some fact-checking!)

And we here at CNET suppose it's good that Her Majesty is raiding Prince William's video game library rather than Prince Harry's liquor cabinet.