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Report: Google testing one-stop shop for video ads

Google TV Ads Online would enable advertisers to use one interface to purchase ads on Google TV, YouTube and, eventually, other video sites, the Journal reports.

Google is seeking to turn its TV advertising program into a one-stop shop.

The Internet search giant is currently testing Google TV Ads Online, an interface designed to enable advertisers to purchase ads through its nearly one-year-old Google TV Ads program, its YouTube site, and, eventually, Internet sites running video, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

A limited group of advertisers is currently testing the service, which could debut in the months to come, the Journal noted.

Google's move to develop a one-stop system for TV and video advertising comes at a time when consumers are increasingly using the Internet to view television shows and full-feature films. Where consumers go, advertisers tend to follow.

Last May, Google turned the switch on for its TV ad program, which is designed to enable advertisers to bid on TV ads, and pay for those ads when they are actually clicked on and delivered. In September, five months after its official debut of Google TV Ads, the company announced partnerships with Bloomberg TV, as well as NBC Universal, to supply television advertising over its system.