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Report: Google testing desktop Google Voice

A desktop version of Google Voice would allow users of the service to treat their PC or Mac like a phone, and compete with existing services such as Skype.

Gizmo5's old product, acquired by Google in November. Gizmo5

Google continues to evolve its Google Voice product, with reports it's testing a desktop-based version inside the Googleplex.

TechCrunch says that Google has been internally testing a desktop Google Voice application this week, the fruits of its acquisition of Gizmo5 last year. This would allow Google Voice users to treat their PC or Mac like a phone, bypassing the current requirement that Google Voice service be connected to a phone.

It's not clear when such an application may launch, according to TechCrunch. Skype is probably the most recognizable name in this space, although VoIP clients such as Gizmo5's old product aren't exactly novel. Google's edge could be the blend of Web services it already offers integrated into its product.