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Report: Google looking for social-media leader

Company appears to have decided that its social-media strategy could use a new someone in charge.

Google may be looking outside the company for someone to head its social-media strategy, roughly five months after it pushed the dislike button.

GigaOm reported Monday that Google has hooked up with a recruiting firm to find a candidate to be "head of social" at the company. The move, which Google did not explicitly confirm, would come after Google shook up its lackluster social-media strategy in late 2009 with a series of hires for a new "Social Web Team."

Google's struggles with social media are well documented at this point--not that it has affected the bottom line. Still, Google knows it needs to get going as the social Web evolves without as much impact from Google as the company's leaders would like.

In response to an inquiry, a company representative walked right down the middle of the road in saying: "We're continuing to invest heavily in people and are recruiting top talent in all areas of the company."