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Report: Google display ad exchange set to arrive

An exchange developed by Google's DoubleClick unit that lets publishers sell excess display ad inventory before bargain-minded buyers is set to debut, according to a report.

Google is set to launch a public version of the ad exchange developed by its DoubleClick unit, according to a report.

The exchange, which has been open on an invitation-only basis to certain partners, will make its formal debut in two weeks as part of the Advertising Week festivities in New York, according to Clickz. The idea is somewhat like a swap meet for display ads, allowing publishers to offer excess ad inventory they can't sell to advertisers looking for a bargain.

Google's dominance of the search engine advertising market has been fueled by text ads. In 2008, it completed its acquisition of DoubleClick in hopes of expanding its presence in display ads, to this date more the province of its competitor Yahoo. Display ads--banners or image-based ads--haven't produced the same return that search text ads have to this point but are still an important part of most Web sites.

Google declined to comment to Clickz on its plans for the ad exchange. Advertising Week will likely deliver several announcements from Google and Yahoo. Yahoo is expected to unveil a revamped marketing campaign for its network of Web sites, according to Boomtown.