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Report: Google and to partner is hosting a news conference to announce a partnership with an unnamed Internet company and TechCrunch speculates the partner will be Google. has scheduled a news conference on Tuesday to announce a partnership with an unnamed Internet company, and TechCrunch is speculating that the partner will be Google.

"Most likely it will be tighter integration between the companies. One rumor says that Salesforce customers may get a discount on Adwords if they bid through Salesforce's software," TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington wrote. He also makes the case for why Google should buy, saying that Google's new Gears software, which allows Web-based software to be accessed offline, combined with's customer relationship management software and developer platform, would pose a serious challenge to Microsoft's Office and other desktop apps.

CNET employees received an invitation to the news luncheon in San Francisco Tuesday, but no details about the event were offered, other than that it will be hosted by CEO Marc Benioff with a "special guest." Google representatives did not immediately return e-mails.

Google has evolved from a search firm to an advertising company, pushing its automated online ad purchasing system into offline areas like TV, radio and print. Just last month, Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said the company is also an applications provider and said the new tagline for Google is "Search, Ads and Apps."