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Report: Girls blog, boys post video

About 35 percent of teen girls online blog compared with 20 percent for boys, but 19 percent of boys post video, nearly twice the percentage for girls, according to Pew Internet study.

Just as girls (presumably) write in diaries more than boys, teen girls also tend to blog more than their male counterparts, a new study finds. But boys post more video, it says.

Pew Internet & American Life Project

About 35 percent of all online teen girls blog, compared with only 20 percent of boys, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project's "Teens and Social Media."

"Girls continue to dominate most elements of content creation," the study finds.

About 54 percent of the girls online post photos compared with 40 percent for boys, but boys are nearly twice as likely as girls to have posted video online (19 percent vs. 10 percent).

Overall, 28 percent of online teens have their own blog, up from 19 percent in 2004, while 27 percent of the teens maintain their own Web page.

But how safe are teens being in protecting their personal information and images? More safe than adults, apparently. About 66 percent of teens with a social-network profile restrict access in some way, and 77 percent of teens who upload photos restrict access some of the time, while only 58 percent of adults who post photos restrict access.

For video, a smaller percentage (54 percent) of teens restrict access, about the same as adults.

For teens who rely on a variety of communication methods, 70 percent say they talk daily on the cell phone, 60 percent send text messages every day, 54 percent instant message, 46 percent talk to friends on a landline, 35 percent see friends in person and 22 percent send e-mail daily.

Not surprisingly, cell phones are the primary form of communication for teens, with 63 percent having one.