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Report: Georgetown University bans use of Windows 7 beta

Georgetown's IT group issues warning to students and faculty it will not support the beta version of Windows 7, according to report in InformationWeek.

Georgetown University is banning the use of the Windows 7 beta, informing students and faculty it will not support the trial version of Microsoft's latest operating system, according to a report in InformationWeek

The university's information technology group notes it generally does not support any beta version of software, unless otherwise noted.

And in the case of the Windows 7 beta, the Georgetown IT group reiterates Microsoft's warning that the beta could disable security software, as well as cause other hardware, such as printers and video cards, to function incorrectly, according to the report.

The university IT group, however, notes it will support Windows 7, once the final version is released and has been tested. Microsoft expects the final version of Windows 7 to be released at the end of the year or early next year.

Windows 7 beta is expected to be offered through February 10.