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Report: Game consoles, plasma TVs major power sucks

Australian research firm finds that the game machines lead the pack of consumer electronics devices that gobble up power even when on standby.

If you're aiming to be green these days, I'm afraid I have to counsel you to turn the power off on your next-generation video game console.

The PlayStation 3 was found by an Australian research group to be one of the most power-hungry consumer electronics devices in the world, even when in stand-by mode. Sony Computer Entertainment of America

According to Reuters, an Australian research firm has concluded that machines like Sony's PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360 lead the field when it comes to consumer electronics that consume the most power.

And no, not using them is not enough. As the Australian researchers at Choice found, the machines continue to gobble up power, even when they're in stand-by mode.

The PS3 topped Choice's list, followed by the Xbox and then plasma flat-screen TVs, Reuters reported.

"Our tests found that leaving a PlayStation 3 on while not in use would cost...almost five times more than it would take to run a refrigerator for the same yearly period," Choice wrote in its study.

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