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Report: FaceTime-capable iPod Touch in the works

A buyer for a prominent U.K. retailer says Apple will launch a new iPod Touch this fall that targets youths and mimics iPhone 4 features.

iPod Touch
iPod Touch Apple

An updated iPod Touch boasting features found in the iPhone 4 is slated for release this fall, according to a buyer for a prominent U.K. retail chain.

Rob Hennessy, the audio and telecom buyer for U.K. retail giant John Lewis, said this week at a company event focused on the holiday-shopping season that the updated iPod Touch will be aimed at teens and kids.

Several U.K. tech blogs reported Hennessy as saying that the next iPod Touch will mimic the iPhone 4 by including a 5-megapixel camera, a flash, HD video recording, and a gyroscope. He also reportedly said that new iPod Touch will include FaceTime, Apple's new video-calling feature.

A John Lewis spokeswoman confirmed to CNET on Thursday that Hennessy made the remarks, though she added that Hennessy was "speculating" about the device. The spokeswoman added that Apple has not contacted John Lewis directly or discussed any new version of the device.

CNET has also contacted Apple but has not immediately heard back.