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Report: E-mail volume grows rapidly

The volume of corporate e-mail is rising sharply and will continue to do so, according to a report released Thursday. In a study of 50 companies worldwide conducted this year, research firm The Radicati Group found that the average corporate e-mail user sends or receives about 9.6MB of e-mail data daily, up from 5MB last year. The study predicts the figure will climb to 46MB daily by 2005.

A typical corporate user in 2003 receives an average of 81 e-mail messages per day and sends 29 e-mails per day, according to the study. That daily total of 110 messages represents growth of about 80 percent compared with last year. Most of the increase is not spam-related, according to the study. The average size of e-mails with attachments is also rising, according to Radicati.