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Report: Discovery may have bought TreeHugger

TV network rumored to have snapped up environmental uberblog.

The New York Post is reporting that green-centric uberblog TreeHugger may have been purchased by Discovery Communications as a companion blog to its forthcoming new cable network, Planet Green. The new channel is slated for a launch in the first quarter of next year, and has already built up some buzz for its series Eco-Town, created in collaboration with actor and Prius poster boy Leonardo DiCaprio; an already-trendy eco-blog would indeed be a desirable companion for the company.

According to the Post's Peter Lauria, the price tag for TreeHugger was somewhere around $10 million.

The New York-based TreeHugger, which currently occupies the #18 slot on Technorati's ranking of the most popular blogs, claims to have raked in over 1.9 million unique visitors in June. It's no garage operation: the blog has about a dozen staffers on its payroll, and content is contributed by over 40 writers around the world. There's also a smattering of video and podcast content as well as an active community of readers, and TreeHugger has partnered with the likes of the Sundance Channel and Domino magazine on past collaborations.

If the Post article turns out to be true, it won't be too surprising, as Discovery engaged in a very similar strategy when it purchased as a companion to the Animal Planet network. It'll also be the company's first acquisition under CEO David Zaslav.

We've put out a (paperless) note to TreeHugger for comment.

(Via PSFK)