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Report details successful China-based cyber-espionage

Online security company Trend Micro releases report uncovering ongoing campaign of infiltrating industrial sites in Japan and India and also targeting Tibetan activists.

Hackers based in China have carried out 90 attacks on targets in Japan, India, and Tibetan activists in a cyber-espionage campaign started last year, according to a report.

Trend Micro today released an analysis of the Luckycat campaign, which it traced back to a command-and-control center in China. The attacks are part of an organized effort, rather than random hacks, and have compromised 233 computers, according to the report.

The New York Times today reported the attacks can be traced back to a specific individual, a former graduate student in China who may have recruited others to work on the Luckycat campaign.

The attackers targeted a number of Japanese and Indian industrial sites working in aerospace, enginery, engineering, shipping, and military research.

Computers were infected with malware by enticing e-mail recipients to open attachments, according to the Times article.

Trend Micro said the attacks have been "extremely successful" and were designed to establish an ongoing presence to monitor targeted sites.

The operators behind Luckycat also provided infrastructure for other attacks, including the ShadowNet campaign, Trend Micro said.