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Report: CBS News buys Wallstrip?

Broadcast news company has purchased finance video blog for $5 million, according to reports from Jossip and TechCrunch.

TechCrunch is reporting that Jossip is reporting (in other words, it's still a rumor) that the web video show Wallstrip has been acquired by CBS News for $5 million.

According to Jossip, which says that an official announcement will likely come from CBS on Monday, "part of the deal involves host Lindsay Campbell being the next Amanda Congdon: frontin' for CBS' web initiatives." Congdon, former host of the video blog Rocketboom, now works as a correspondent for ABC News. If the CBS News acquisition rumor is true, however, it'd be a different scenario; Congdon resigned from her Rocketboom post last year and was later hired by ABC after partaking in several independent endeavors.

CBS News' parent company CBS, meanwhile, has put together its own recently, partnering with a variety of Web video portals from AOL to Joost.