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Report: AT&T ready with no-contract iPhone offer

If you don't want to sign up with AT&T for two years, but want an iPhone, the carrier might have an option for you starting next week.

Would you pay $599 for an iPhone without a contract? CNET

AT&T may be getting ready to offer the iPhone 3G at a very expensive yet no-commitment price.

The Boy Genius Report has a report out Wednesday that AT&T plans to offer iPhone 3Gs at $599 or $699 without requiring the customer to sign a new two-year agreement, starting next week. When the iPhone 3G launched last year, AT&T said it would offer such an option, but never pulled the trigger.

An AT&T representative declined to comment on the report.

The move would seem designed to rid AT&T of iPhone inventory ahead of the launch of a new product later this summer, as most of us are expecting. Apple didn't allude to any new hardware during its iPhone 3.0 event on Tuesday, but there have been a few signs, and the company has noted that iPhone releases seem to be falling into a yearly schedule around June or July.

iPhones sales soared after Apple and AT&T cut the starting price to $199 last year, but there are definitely some people who would like an iPhone free from AT&T and a two-year commitment to paying a monthly wireless bill, even if it costs them more up front.

Would you buy a $599 8GB iPhone if it meant you didn't have to sign a two-year contract?