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Report: Asian telecom gear makers still eyeing Motorola

Equipment makers, who at first seemed cool to the concept, are interested in a partnership with Motorola's handset division, reports an M&A site.

Though they initially seemed cool to the idea, telecom gear makers in Asia are indeed interested in discussing a partnership with Motorola's handset division, according to a report cited Wednesday by Reuters.

The Motorola handset unit's steady loss of market share has generated plenty of anxiety among shareholders and plenty of fallout, including intervention by activist investor Carl Icahn; the resignation of CEO Ed Zander and phone division chief Stu Reed; and on-again/off-again declarations that Motorola is considering a spin-off of its handset business. The new report by, a mergers-and-acquisitions specialist owned by the Financial Times Group, cites a banker among its sources and describes the interested parties as "leading Asian telecommunications equipment and device makers."

The Reuters article goes on to point out that an executive with China-based phone maker ZTE told the news service at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in February that his company was "keeping in touch with Motorola on a wider cooperation."