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Report: Army to sink $50 million into combat training games

World of Warcraft, move over. The Army is preparing to invest millions into combat training games and systems, in a move to prepare its soldiers for battle.

The Army is investing $50 million into video combat training games and gaming systems over the next five years, in a move to prepare soldiers for battle.

Soldiers, via the video games, will face ambushes and roadside bomb attacks while traveling in convoys, along with a host of other situations that mimic battle under a number of conditions and terrain, according to a report in Stars and Stripes.

The Army's Peo-Stri and gaming unit will monitor the industry, seeking out commercial games and systems it can use for low-cost training, the report noted.

Darwars Ambush is one of the games currently used by the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Homeland Defense.

The Army is looking for games that will allow it to alter the terrain and situations, as well as review the performance of its soldiers, the report stated.

Computer games, or modified versions, have long been used as military training aids as well as tools to recruit prospective candidates to the armed forces.

Now, if only these games could be used to actually fight our wars.