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Report: Apple music event September 9

The event is said to be completely music-focused, with no tablet announcements, according to AllThingsD.

It looks like the annual Apple music event will be held on September 9 this year, according to AllThingsD.

Though it had been reported earlier that the event would take place sometime that week, a source now tells AllThingsD that the exact date will be September 9, and that it will focus on music, meaning no tablet announcement.

If the date is correct, holding an event on a Wednesday would be a departure from Apple's habit of holding these types of events on Tuesdays. The date also gives more credence to the rumor that it might be the day when the Beatles catalog at long last comes to iTunes. September 9 has already been announced as the day that the music of Fab Four will make its debut on the video game Rock Band.

CNET News reported last week that the September event will be music-focused, and will include an introduction of a new digital album format from Apple, called Cocktail. Apple is also expected to unveil changes to its iPod lineup.

The event's main speaker is still unclear, though it would be a prime opportunity for CEO Steve Jobs to make his first public appearance since returning to full-time work. If the Beatles are involved, it's hard to see how Jobs couldn't be present.