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Report: Apple did not acquire Wi-Gear

Although reports yesterday suggested Apple bought Bluetooth headset maker Wi-Gear, the company's CEO tells Barron's today that it did not, in fact, get acquired by Apple.

Apple hasn't acquired Wi-Gear, after all. CNET Reviews

A report suggesting Apple acquired wireless headset maker Wi-Gear is inaccurate, the company's CEO told Barron's in an interview today.

"The rumor is false," Wi-Gear CEO Mark Pundsack told Barron's.

Pundsack was responding to a report from 9to5 Mac claiming his company was acquired by Apple two months ago. The Apple blog claimed to have a "source" confirming Wi-Gear's sale to Apple. The blog also pointed to a LinkedIn page of Wi-Gear employee Michael Kim, which claims that he started working at Apple two months ago.

As CNET noted in its report yesterday on 9to5 Mac's claims, the LinkedIn page wasn't necessarily the smoking gun that the blog thought it was. And until either party confirmed the sale, it was very much a rumor. Now it seems that it might have been just that--a rumor.

Apple did not respond to multiple requests for confirmation on the matter.

In addition to telling Barron's that Apple did not acquire Wi-Gear, Pundsack made it clear that the company "and its intellectual property are still available for sale." He also confirmed with Barron's that Wi-Gear has "ceased operations," as the company notes on its Web site.

While it was in operation, Wi-Gear sold wireless headphones that connected to Apple's iPod and Bluetooth-equipped phones.