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Report: Acer's Chrome OS device ready for Computex

The Taiwanese gadget exhibition in two weeks is reported to be the site for the first Chrome OS-based device introduction.

Acer Chrome OS
A report says the first Chrome OS device will arrive in two weeks. Google

The first Chrome OS-based device will be introduced by Acer in two weeks, according to a report by VentureBeat Thursday.

The tech blog cites "multiple sources" saying that Acer will show Chrome OS "devices" at Computex Taipei, a yearly computer and electronics show, which opens June 1. The report doesn't specify what kind of devices.

But Chrome OS, which was introduced by Google last year, is designed to work on Netbooks, smartbooks, and tablets. Acer said in December that it would have a Chrome OS Netbookready for mid-2010, so VentureBeat's report certainly tracks with that previous company statement. Acer Chairman J.T. Wang also said his company would be "first" with a Chrome OS device, which if it does produce a device in two weeks, would make his prediction true.

Acer is only one of several Netbook makers that committed to working with Google on the OS. In November, Dell showed a demonstration of Chrome OS on a Mini 10V Netbook, but said it was still "evaluating" it.

What's not entirely clear is how Chrome OS and Android will coexist right now. Chrome OS has been mentioned in connection with Netbooks, smartbooks, and tablets, and Android has momentum as a mobile OS for smartphones. But Android has also been talked about by the likes of Dell and others as working for tablets as well.

Eventually Chrome OS and Android will merge, according to Google co-founder Sergey Brin. But what will happen in the meantime is a bit murky.