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Tech Industry

Report: 3GHz Pentium, pricier PCs

Motherboard makers are gearing up to support Intel's upcoming 3GHz Pentium 4 chip, and the cost of their upgraded parts could mean a price hike for PC buyers, according to a report in Taiwanese industry journal DigiTimes.

The Pentium 4 is expected to break the 3GHz barrier in late September or early October, but the faster chip will require a new 70-watt power supply and rearranged circuit layouts. As a result, Taiwanese motherboard makers are planning to create separate versions of their main products in order to support the new chip, the report said. The duplicate lines will add $2 in production costs for each board, according to the report. This could turn into higher wholesale motherboard prices and, ultimately, add to the cost of 3GHz Pentium 4 systems.

ZDNet U.K.'s Matthew Broersma reported from London.

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