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Report: 10-inch Acer Aspire One on the way

The company is planning to launch a larger version of its popular Netbook in February or March of 2009.

Acer Aspire One
CNET Networks

Acer is readying a 10-inch version of its Aspire One Netbook, according to a report in DigiTimes. The publication attributed the news to Scott Lin, president of Acer Taiwan, and said to expect an official launch of the new Netbook in February or March of 2009.

Lin offered no further details about the 10-inch Aspire One, including whether (or when) it will make its way to the United States. We assume it will, and that when it does it'll have largely the same specs as the current model, adding perhaps some more RAM and (we hope) a larger battery. No matter what, a 10-inch screen will provide a welcome break from all that scrolling.

Of course, this puts a kink in the plans of anyone who'd hoped to buy an Aspire One this holiday season. If you've been planning to buy an Acer Netbook, will you now hold out in hopes of a larger model, or proceed with your purchase as planned?