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Replug saves your audio devices from dreaded cord stumbles

Save your audio devices and laptops from gravity's hardest drops with Replug.

It's not too hard to remember a time when it required two hands to get a simple plug out. Things have since changed, and many manufacturers, especially in the gaming industry, are moving toward wireless peripherals, or including breakaways to remedy consumers stumbling over cords and taking the entire machine with them. The coolest one in recent memory is Apple's MagSafe power adapter, which not only makes your Mac laptop easier to plug-in, but keeps flying laptops at a minimum.

Replug is a handy product that's done the same thing for audio jacks. It's a two-part system that uses a small adapter that plugs into your audio jack, followed up by an extender that latches on magnetically and lets you plug in your favorite pair of headphones. If you apply too much stress between the connector and the adapter, your plug will fly off safely, and with much less force than it would take to unplug a standard audio jack from off-angles.

No word yet on price of availability besides a "fall" launch time frame.

[via Gizmodo]