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Replica of Disney-Pixar 'Up' house for sale in Utah

A full-scale replica of the house from the animated movie is for sale in Herriman, outside Salt Lake City. The unique home is most famous for a cluster-balloon flight to Paradise Falls, South America.

The Herriman, Utah, house features details from the film that include Carl and Ellie's names and handprints on the mailbox. Bangerter Homes

In the Disney-Pixar animated movie "Up," Carl Fredricksen (Edward Asner) and wife Ellie dream of traveling to Paradise Falls, South America. When Carl takes that trip by using thousands of helium balloons to lift his home right off its foundation, the house takes quite a beating.

A home builder in Utah has created a full-scale replica of that charming home--firmly fixed to the ground--in the city of Herriman, about 20 miles southwest of Salt Lake City.

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The builder, Bangerter Homes, has re-created several rooms from the 2009 film in retro detail--down to the wallpaper, light switches, and custom-made fireplace mantel, which is currently adorned with some very "Up"-like knick-knacks.

The 2,800-square-foot home, which is expected to list at $399,900, has piqued the interest of several potential home buyers, Bangerter Homes said.

The house, the builder said, took four months to finish and was featured in the Salt Lake Parade of Homes earlier this summer, colorful balloons and all. And if you're wondering how the house got past Disney's lawyers, it was, according to the Salt Lake Tribune, all about connections.